The story of Matt D’Avella a Minimalist

Matt D’Avella on how to be a Minimalist in the Digital world.

YouTube has been a great platform for many talented people and individuals to showcase talents, entertainment, Productivity, Lifestyle, and travel vlogs. One of them is a Minimalist filmmaker Matt D’Avella. He started his YouTube channel around June 2011 as per his YouTube profile. Simply call it matt d Avella minimalism

He has been sharing how to live a minimalistic life through his channel and has been giving productivity tips to have a meaningful life every day. With current technological developments and people’s addiction to smartphones and social media being productive is always an uphill task.

Following Matt D’ Avella many YouTube channels grew with content regarding Productivity, Study tips, etc. But he managed to achieve his minimalistic content and capture a huge audience who follows him. He currently has 3.22 mil followers on YouTube (Aug 8, 2021).

Key to happiness in a distracted world

Most of his content involves Minimalism which he preaches every day, Productivity, Self-improvement, habits and healthy foods, etc.


His continued effort and growth had lead to a chance for him to create a documentary at Netflix featuring the title ” The Minimalists: Less Is Now “. We have not seen the documentary yet but we are sure it is going to be helpful for a lot of people to achieve something with less.

Most of his YouTube videos say a lot about how to achieve with what we have. At least that is the underlying moral of his videos, how much you can achieve without getting attached to the materialistic world. We are sure the takeaway is going to be different for different people. Here is the trailer from the Netflix documentary.

The Minimalists: Less is Now

Matt D’Avella also has course materials for people who are interested in learning about Habits on his website. The course is priced reasonably and it can be a grab for many who are struggling with Minimalism, procrastination, self-growth, daily habits, and trying to achieve full potential. Let’s check out if matt d Avella minimalism works out for you.

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