Best Quotes of John Paul Warren

1.“Faith moves mountains, love transforms hearts.”

2.“Let the world know what you live for…not what you fall for!”

3.“Together we are better”

4.“You can lose your MONEY. You can lose your FRIENDS. You can lose your JOB and you can lose your MARRIAGE…and still recover…as long as there is HOPE. Never lose HOPE.”

5.“There has never been a meaningful life built on easy street.”

6.“A true dreamer is one who knows how to navigate in the dark.”

7.“I have learned that the harder you fall…the higher you bounce!”

8.“I must admit, that I have learned more from my negative experiences than I have ever learned from my positive one.”

9.“Your circumstances do NOT define you. Expect a GRAND finale.”

10.“Cream always rises to the top…so do good leaders.”

11.“Faith UP! Your purpose is GREATER than all your PROBLEMS.”

12.“Stop counting your “years” and start enjoying your “seasons.”

13.“I would rather live short and right then long and wrong.”

14.“True leaders bring out your personal best. They ignite your human potential.”

15.“I define my life not by the things I have done, but by the people I have loved.”

16.“You can stop a raging forest fire, a herd of stampeding buffalo or even a runaway freight train, but you can’t stop a good man.”

17.“It’s not just picking the right friends. It is being the right friend.”

18.“Coming to the END of MYSELF and all SELF effort…seems to be the very point that God steps in and shows HIMSELF to be more than ENOUGH.”

19.”You will never reach your dreams without honoring others along the way.”

20.“When you SEE into the invisible, you will DARE to do the impossible!”

21.“Belief has the power to change your inner state and your outer world.”

22.“Life seems to be fashioned and formed best out of the obstacles that seem unbearable.”

23.“If you perceive right you receive right. If you perceive wrong you receive wrong.”

24.“Be a FRIEND and stop worrying about having any”

25.“I find that I keep offering God my service when what He wants is my fellowship”

26.“One should measure their life by the faith they embrace and the relationships they cherish.”

27.“Every great leader can take you back to a defining moment when they decided to lead.”

28.“God uses imperfect people for impossible tasks.”

29.“Many have exchanged the touch of God for the applause of men.”

30.“There are two kinds of leaders, cowboys and Shepherds. Cowboys drive and Shepherds lead.”

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