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Knowledge is power, without knowledge, we do not share thoughts, beliefs, and actions that we perform today. Knowledge has been passed on for centuries from different cultures, people, and communities. Although the interpretation of knowledge is perceptive to an individual, we can’t deny that it has helped us grow together as an individual and a society. Here are some of the best knowledge quotes for life that you can share with your friends, family. We hope these knowledge quotes will inspire you.

“The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”


“Hold fast to dreams, For if dreams die,

Life is a broken-winged bird, That cannot fly.”

Langston Hughes

“A friend is someone who knows all about you and still loves you.”

Elbert Hubbard

“I was gratified to be able to answer promptly, and I did. I said I didn’t know.”

Mark Twain
knowledge is power quote

“No thief, however skillful, can rob one of knowledge, and that is why knowledge is the best and safest treasure to acquire.”

 L. Frank Baum

“Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.”

Isaac Asimov

“The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery. There is always more mystery.”

Anais Nin
for me it is far better to grasp the universe as it really

“I mean, you could claim that anything’s real if the only basis for believing in it is that nobody’s proved it doesn’t exist!”

J.K. Rowling

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care”

Theodore Roosevelt

“It takes a very long time to become young.”

Pablo Picasso

“The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.”

 Robertson Davies
knowledge is power quote

“Whatever in creation exists without my knowledge exists without my consent.”

Cormac McCarthy

“Unless you try to do something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow.”

Ronald E. Osborn

“Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do.”

 Johann wolfgang von Goethe
Knowledge quotes

“Remember my friend, that knowledge is stronger than memory, and we should not trust the weaker”

Bram Stoker

“Doubt … is an illness that comes from knowledge and leads to madness.”

Gustave Flaubert

“Don’t be in a hurry to condemn because he doesn’t do what you do or think as you think or as fast. There was a time when you didn’t know what you know today.”

Malcolm X

“Our feelings are our most genuine paths to knowledge.”

Audre Lorde
Knowledge quotes

“Her reputation for reading a great deal hung about her like the cloudy envelope of a goddess in an epic.”

Henry James

“Small minds have always lashed out at what they don’t understand.”

Dan Brown

“The problems are solved, not by giving new information, but by arranging what we have known since long.”

Ludwig Wittgenstein

“The truth is like salt. Men want to taste a little, but too much makes everyone sick.”

Joe Abercrombie

“The way of success is the way of continuous pursuit of knowledge.”

Napoleon Hill

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