Don’t Lose your Identity

Losing your identity can be a long process that can happen over the course of years or sometimes due to a sudden event in life or trauma. Losing identity can cause anything to change in life for example losing a job, losing a role that is designed for us, or losing something we loved the most. The results of losing self-identity will include low self-esteem, lesser confidence each day, more anxiety which sometimes develops into social anxiety. We may end up being lonely and not have any human interaction.

Most of us feel our sense of value and self-worth, our feelings of confidence, are dependent on external factors such as our physical appearance, success, status, money, and even fame. But that should not be the case.

Our sense of “Self-identity” Should come from ourselves, how we feel about ourselves rather than how others feel about us. Feeling indifferent towards ourselves while trying to get acknowledged by people outside every time is a problem. Our emotional well-being depends on how well we feel about ourselves.

Don't Lose your Identity
Don't Lose your Identity 3

Depending on external validation might sometimes affect personal growth, happiness and you will not get to experience the real you. Most of these Low esteem or identity crisis might be caused by triggering emotions that might have affected you in the past during childhood or events that have caused major trauma. These traumas also include domestic abuse, parental negligence, loss of a loved one, etc. Sometimes overcoming these personal struggles is challenging and when not treated carefully might result in a self-identity crisis.

Ships don’t sink because of the water around them;

Ships sink because of the water that gets in them.

Don’t let what’s happening around you get inside you and weigh you down.

This will end up you not liking yourself and you may seek acceptance from others in everything you do. It will not keep you happy when you feel the constant need for acceptance and approval from others is the way to go, it can affect your happiness and might sink you into a hole that you can never climb back up.

Life is continuous and always changing there is always a rush towards the next thing, but it is essential we keep doing things we love and keep a strong connection towards it and not get lost. There are so many ways to get back our identity, therapy, counseling, or sometimes self-realizing why you lost your identity, and slowly working towards regaining your identity will improve your situation.

Slowly come back to recognizing who you are and what you want. And “will the real you please Stand up”.

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