Famous Sigmund Freud Quotes

Sigmund Freud (6 May 1856 – 23 September 1939) was an Austrian neurologist and is widely known as being the founder of psychoanalysis. He dedicated his life to researching and writing groundbreaking papers about mental development and how our psychic works in various circumstances. Here are some Sigmund Freud Quotes

“Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.”

“One day, in retrospect, the years of struggle will strike you as the most beautiful.”

“Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise.”

“Whoever loves becomes humble. Those who love have , so to speak , pawned a part of their narcissism.”

Sigmund Freud Quotes

“No, our science is no illusion. But an illusion it would be to suppose that what science cannot give us we can get elsewhere.”

“The virtuous man contents himself with dreaming that which the wicked man does in actual life.”

“He does not believe that does not live according to his belief.”

“Beauty has no obvious use; nor is there any clear cultural necessity for it. Yet civilization could not do without it.”

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“Love and work are the cornerstones of our humanness.”

“The more the fruits of knowledge become accessible to men, the more widespread is the decline of religious belief.”

“The interpretation of Dreams is the royal road to a knowledge of the unconscious activities of the mind”

“The ego is not master in its own house.”

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We are never so defenseless against suffering as when we love.

“public self is a conditioned construct of the inner psychological self.”

“Love in the form of longing and deprivation lowers the self regard.”

“The liberty of the individual is no gift of civilization. It was greatest before there was any civilization.”

Sigmund Freud Quotes

“The more perfect a person is on the outside, the more demons they have on the inside.”

“Where such men love they have no desire and where they desire they cannot love”

“He who knows how to wait need make no concessions.”

“The unconscious of one human being can react upon that of another without passing through the conscious.”

Sigmund Freud Quotes

“Nothing that is mentally our own can ever be lost.”

“Human life should not be considered as the proper material for wild experiments.”

“Dreams are often most profound when they seem the most crazy.”

“Trying to be completely sincere with yourself is a good exercise.”

“One must be humble, one must keep personal preferences and antipathies in the background, if one wishes to discover the realities of the world.”

“The state in which the ideas existed before being made conscious is called by us repression”

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