Feeling down? Then try engaging with your life

Withdrawing from activities you enjoy is both a product and a cause of low mood. Break the cycle with behavioral activation

Feeling low or lonely is a common occurrence these days for most of us, there might be multiple reasons behind it or sometimes no reason at all. you might cancel all the social activities shut yourself into a room and just watch TV or stay on the bed when your mood lets you down. You might feel it takes a lot of energy to even finish a small task that you even might like. In the end, you might fail to do what you like.

It has been proved in so many ways that people who feel low tend to do less. They end up doing less or nothing that would bring enjoyment or any meaning, Psychologists say this might a depression but it is very important to understand this. Depression is a cycle of reduced activity and low mood, it begins when the person starts to reduce his activities which in-turn results in withdrawal and isolation. This, in turn, leads to fewer opportunities for positive experiences or distraction, exacerbating a person’s low mood. This makes the person even less motivated to try effortful, interesting activities, and the cycle continues.

This negative cycle doesn’t come out of anywhere; it often starts for a clear reason. Whatsoever the reason is, it is very important to break this negative cycle. The reasons can be various problems from the past or thinking too much about the future. Some of these problems can be treated through therapy although it is totally up to the individual who deals with it. There are several ways to break this negative cycle and here are some of them.

  • Monitor what you do each day
  • Evaluate what you did
  • Make a plan for the following week
  • Stick to the plan, even when you don’t feel like it
  • Evaluate how it went
  • Be patient with yourself

You can break your low mood and negative thought cycle by evaluating yourself and being patient with yourself. There are can be only a handful of remedies and therapies and modern medicine out there that could do magic. But we all know we can’t work magic on everyone. At the end of the day, the changes we are trying to see in our lives comes from within our-self. Do what you love and it will bring positive things.

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