Investment Opportunities to invest your money in 2021

Investment is sometimes a fruitful or risky option. It can be a successful investment when you know what you are investing in and might give you stress when you are not clear about your investment. Many people think investment means instant return, which is a bad idea. If you have the intention that investing will give short-term wealth, then you need to rethink and save your money. There are plenty of investment opportunities and you might need to consider what suits you best.

Investment is often a thoroughly researched and gradual process. But does all investment need huge capital? There are a few investment opportunities that do not need huge capital but need lots of work to be done to make that small investment successful. Of course businesses with zero investments are probably selling your skills on freelancing platforms, but that’s a topic for another day.


Investing in stocks is a common trend. There are Stock brokerages available for you to invest from your home. When investing in stock you pick the stocks that you need to invest and then when the price goes up you sell and gain profits. Some stocks may pay dividends too. But when it comes to stocks you might need to find and pick the individual stock. Now we are certain almost everyone knows about stock markets.


Mutual funds

If picking individual stocks is risky for you, then there are mutual funds, Mutual funds are usually a set of bonds or stocks. It is like a pool of money collected from many investors and the profits or dividends are later shared.

They are like a Portfolio of stocks or bonds instead of an individual stock. There are different types of mutual funds like equity funds, Fixed- income funds, indexed funds, balanced funds, money market funds, income funds, international funds, Speciality funds, Exchange-traded funds, etc.

This is mostly chosen by the majority as there is minimal investment cost, maintained by professionals, Liquidity, and diversification available, and there are a variety of offerings available to invest on.

Mutual funds

Crypto currencies

The new and latest trend is cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum have steadily and sometimes hiked their values that many companies have started accepting Bitcoin payments. If you have invested a few hundred dollars on Bitcoins before the value would have increased 10 times now. Many people have started investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as their value has been gradually increasing.

But there is a catch. Cryptocurrencies are volatile and involve risk, although it is predicted that cryptocurrencies like bitcoin will further increase in value it’s essential to keep an eye on your investments. Right now, popular Cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin cash are fluctuating in their value and require an initial investment.

The alternate way is to invest in Crypto mining machines that will mine Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for you and later can be used for trading. The only investment here is the mining rig, electricity cost, and steady internet connection. There are different types of mining rigs available, and you can pick one depending on the budget.

So you can decide to invest in Crypto coins directly or invest in rigs that will help you mine Cryptocurrencies. Crypto investment opportunities are increasing and have their fair share of competition in mining. More people have started mining resulting in fewer mining outcomes and it might take months to see breakeven in your investment.

Domain Investment

Many of us are not aware of this or at least many people I have spoken to have no idea about this, although there are thousands of people are involved in Domain investment. The Domaining industry has billions of dollars market cap. Domain investment is one of many investment opportunities that you can do from your home or on the go.

So, what is Domain investing?

Domains are usually extensions like .com, .org, .net, .io that are used in websites for businesses, blogs, news, e-commerce. Every domain name usually represents a Brand authority. Many Organisations and companies tried to trademark their brand and make them available online through websites. They know the importance of an online presence that can attract more customers. Regardless there are many businesses that are just present online like Amazon, eBay, etc.

What Profitable values are we talking about?

The domain industry is just like the stock market, here you invest in domain names rather than in traditional stocks. But picking the proper domain name and maintaining a highly valuable portfolio is more beneficial, and can provide high ROI. Domain name investment requires patience, time, and research into vast business areas that are interested in buying the domain name that you have invested in.

Registering a .com domain name only costs a few dollars, but does that mean you make a profit with just a small investment?

The answer is yes and no.

Yes, sometimes if you are lucky and if you had done proper research hand registering an already expired domain name or newly registering a domain will give you big profits or at least decent profit when the right buyer finds you, or if you find a buyer. But this requires hard work in sending outbound emails to the businesses or individuals you want to sell your domains to. Even selling a Premium domain requires some hard work if you want to flip it quickly.

No, just because you register a random domain name with a different extension doesn’t mean you can sell it for high. It requires proper market research and constantly following the domain market. Domain names that do not make any sense are bad investments and there are many people who have lost a lot of money doing that. Researching keywords, search volume, and many more criteria are important when you register a domain. Remember every extension has its value, usually, a .com is considered more valuable.

There are thousands of premium domain names sitting around to be sold. The pricing for the domain reselling usually depends on the seller and the buyer. The negotiation process can take weeks or even months and sometimes years. Elon musk once stated that he followed for years to finally buy it for $11Mil.

There are many comparable domains sold for millions of dollars, Voice(dot)com was sold for $30Mil, Health insurance(dot)com was sold for $8,133,000. There are regular sales of these domain names every day which can be from $50 to millions of dollars depending on the domain name. Many of the popular domain names are already registered so it is advised to invest in the domain name that is for sale and then resell it for bigger profits.

There are many platforms like Dropcatch, Godaddy auctions, Snapnames, Nameliquidate, Namejet, etc, where you can find an expiring domain that goes into auctions where you can bid and win. The competition for bidding and winning the expired domains is sometimes high and there are many impulse buyers who might take the risk of investing more on less valuable domain names. Fun fact, most of these domains were only registered for only $8 to $12 and when they get sold for millions or thousands of dollars the ROI is huge.

You can frequently check domain sales on Namebio which shares sale reports on different platforms. The investment Opportunities for domaining are increasing and you might face stiff competition while acquiring domain names that you might want to buy. But patience is very important until a proper or right buyer is available. When I say proper buyer there might be other domain resellers interested in your domains. The value for domains when an end-user buys it or if a reseller buys it is always debatable. The ROI is usually high when a business(end-user) buys your domain.

Investment Opportunities through domain investment
Daily sale report on Namebio
Domain Investment
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Selling Developed Websites

Just like domain sales, you develop a website and then sell it. Now before selling a Website that’s already been developed you need to make sure the website has some revenue, either through ads, e-commerce, or affiliates. If the website does not have any revenue then selling it becomes difficult. Even websites with potential income in the future can be considered for sale but you might lose the negotiating advantage here, as it has not yet reached its potential.

The investment you make here is your time, a domain name, and a hosting service. If you are generating quality content then you might need to invest more time to gather more audience or have a product that can attract sales.

There are platforms like Flippa where you can list your websites for sale. But make sure your website has some content that can attract buyers to buy and further develop it. This can also be profitable for buyers as starting a new website from scratch and building it over time takes lots of time and resources, so many prefer buying already existing websites and if the niche suits them they might be interested in buying the website.

You can actively negotiate the price with the type of website you are selling, content that’s been there on the website which might have high CPC, Nice of the website which invites profitable ad investors, or an e-commerce website that has already been making some money. Most people sell websites even if it’s making money when they are no longer in a position to continue the business further or might have chosen a different business opportunity.

These are some of the Investment Opportunities that you can consider but do not forget to research and gain clarity before you put your money into something.

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