Is Domain investment worth your time?

One of the least heard investment opportunities for many is Domain Investment. So what is Domain investment? and is it worth your money to spend on? Is domain investment worth your time?

What is Domain Investment?

Before we decide to invest time or money into anything it is advisable to know what we are committing to. So what is Domain investment? To know that you need to know what are domains. The domains are nothing but .com’s, .org’s, .net’s that you register to create a website for business or personal blogs. Whenever you have a need or interest to start a website for personal blogs, or for your business online you might try to register a name and a suitable extension( .com, .org, etc.). Now, usually, domain registration costs somewhere from $9 to $12 depending on where you register your domain. The price does vary and there are many registrars who can give offers and coupons for cheap registrations, although the coupons and offers will only help you for the first year and during renewal, the cost might vary based on registrars.

Domain investment is nothing but either registering a domain for $9 or buying a domain that’s been listed for sale and then reselling it for profits. Now, the next question is, Is that easy?. Well it depends, it is easy when you know about the domain industry and sometimes it can be frustrating and stressful when your investments don’t get sold for years.

Is it worth your time and money?

Domain investments can be valuable and worthy investments because you are selling something to someone who might be a future entrepreneur. For example, If someone wants to start a business and wants an online presence the person might be looking for a suitable name to register and go online, if you are supposed to own the domain name that a business or a person needs then you can negotiate for a price. As mentioned in the earlier articles Elon musk bought for $11Milion after trying to negotiate for almost a decade. There are millions of blogs and businesses online that have bought their domain names for a premium price.

Why would someone need to pay a premium price for something that might have cost $9-$12 in the first place? because every name you chose to own is your brand. You can take Amazon as an example, they are only present online and Jeff Bezos is one of the richest people in the world. When Online e-commerce or news websites, tech blogs, or any other kind of blogs can make money through products, ads, or sponsors it only makes sense why they are willing to invest in a huge premium price set by a seller.

A good domain name can be an asset even if nobody uses it right now, as we don’t know a new startup or an existing business can buy the domain name. Recently, it has been said was acquired by Microsoft, no they didn’t buy a company, they just acquired the domain name


Domain investment can be frustrating for many and a fruitful venture for a few, but that depends on the effort and work a person can put in after registering and acquiring a domain name. Sometimes holding on to the domain names that you have invested in and renewing them for years might look frustrating but good domain names will always have a buyer. An average sale period for a domain name is said to be a minimum of 2 years. So yes, it might take some time but patience takes a lot of roles here. Domain names are digital assets that can fetch huge value if the right buyer knocks on your door.

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