Pain and motivation can overcome fear.

Getting out of pain is sometimes a difficult task, but did you know pain can motivate you? we know at some point we break when there is too much pain in life. But how can you use that pain and fear to motivate you? the first step to do is getting out of dark emotions and letting yourself out to figure out and conquer fear. Beyond pleasure how do pain and motivation work?

Pain can motivate us. Pain is sometimes directly related to motivation and makes us take action. So that we can live through the pain.

Identify Fear

The first thing to do is recognize what is holding you back? why is it painful?, Pain always accompanies fear and chaos with it. So the first process involves conquering fear.

Numbing the pain for a while will make it worse when you finally feel it.

J.K Rowling

Conquer Fear

Conquering the fear is very important. you can conquer fear by making it constructive. If you are nervous about making the jump on something or putting it off due to the fear of the unknown try to exercise it slowly and just focus on the volume. Try to recreate and as much as you can so that you can constructively see the progress. Fear can either make you procrastinate or it can be a driving force. But throughout this process, there will always be the fear of putting effort into something and getting nothing back. Now that is why we call it painstaking work.

Fear setting is a highly valuable process than goal setting. It is an experience you need to set once in a while. The ability to conquer your fear is directly related to how you can define it in the first place. So practice constructive capturing of fear.

There isn’t a certain way to do this, but you can always give it a try with one of these numerous methods.

  • Define your nightmare.
  • what is the absolute worst thing that can happen if you did what you are considering?
  • Measure the scale of these impacts if you don’t do what you fear about on the level of 1-10 or from good – very bad.
  • what steps can you take to repair the damage?
  • what are the outcomes both temporary and permanent or more probable scenarios?
  • what’s the most positive or probable outcome if you take on the things that you fear?
  • what are you avoiding? what are you putting off of fear? usually what you fear is something that you need to do.
  • what is it potentially costing you not to act instead of your fear?

For all these potential questions in your mind of course there is a downside to taking a risky action and seeing a failure. But what happens when you don’t take those risks financially, emotionally, and physically.

Finally, ask yourself what are you waiting for if the simple reason for that is good timing. Because sometimes there is no good timing, you need to act and find your timing or at least learn what good timing is for you. But either way, it means you should be taking action.

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Fight the chaos

Fight chaos by creating a schedule. You need to consistently and gradually understand what is happening, why is there chaos and how slowly can you overcome and capture it. Do things that inspire you and meaningful things that give you value instead of scrolling through your phone on social media that doesn’t add any value to you. So why don’t you focus and create a schedule on something that you actually care about that brings you something of some value to you rather than doing things that create confusion and distraction from where you want to go.

Level up your standards with courage

Level up your standards mentally and physically. Most of us are easily intimidated so easily by looking and following others. These are because we are not able to do what others were able to achieve. you need to stop comparing yourself with others. Everyone has their own process to get to where they are, and what are your process should be the main priority and not follow others. Hundreds of ideas can be out there but not everything can be achieved because of your situation, environment, financial and mental status, etc. So focus on what works best for you and focus on your self-growth to level yourself up before feeling down and comparing yourself with others.

The most essential part is The courage that you need to take on fear”

Find the path to follow your inspiration

you might have found the inspiration or your idol but you still wouldn’t have devoted yourself to act to it. You have never found a way hence you start hating yourself oftentimes rising up to your fears and then succumbing to your fear, with anger, frustration, and anxiety. No matter sometimes these things happen and we don’t know when the next storm comes. So we better get prepared to face the storm instead of hiding from it. When we overcome this pain there will be motivation to get out of the fear of the unknown.

Life is a storm, my young friend. You will bask in the sunlight one moment, be shattered on the rocks the next. What makes you a man is what you do when that storm comes.

Edmond Dantes from “The count of Monte Cristo

Our true measure then is our ability to respond to the storm. Why do we fall so that we can learn to pick ourselves up?. So can pain and motivation be essential to overcome fear and take action?.

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