Replace windows through Transparent Solar Cells

It is now possible to punch small holes in the photovoltaic cell’s to make them see through . Why is that exciting? because they can harvest electricity .

Most solar cells that sat on the top of roof top are opaque. The darker they are, the better they absorb more solar energy. They are made out of glass-like material called crystalline silicon, Which is stable and efficient.

Usually filling these on top of every houses and small buildings can give power to what is inside, but what about the huge buildings and skyscrapers that has huge power consumption but a limited area on the top to cover them with solar panels. As a remedy to this problem researchers at South Korea’s Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology have been searching for a way to create windows that can harvest the Sun’s energy, as it could drastically reduce the carbon footprint of these energy-hungry buildings.

Conventional solar cells can be rendered see-through by puncturing them with holes thinner than the width of a human hair. The team behind the breakthrough hopes that the tech could one day be used to build office blocks that are powered by their windows.

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