Happy Lunar New Year! – Here’s what Lunar Year mean.

lunar year

A lunar year is a period of time measured in lunations (synodic months) which is approximately equal to the time it takes the Moon to pass through all of its phases. The length of a lunar year is usually measured in days and can range from 354 days to 383 days. A lunar year is … Read more

Saber-toothed anchovies roamed the oceans 45 million years ago

Monosmilus 1280p

Dinosaurs and large predators went extinct some 65 million years ago, but there a few species lived through all these years evolving themselves. The plankton hunting anchovies that we eat today were fish eating predators,according to a new study. Researchers examined a 30-centimeter-long fossil embedded in a rock formation near Chièvres, Belgium, and another partial … Read more

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