Zen Habits for a Deliberate life

Set intentions when starting the day

When you start your day or any meaningful activity, ask what your intentions are for the day or why you have decided to do an activity. Either you want to be more present or move forward or be compassionate with your loved ones. Intentions do matter so set your intention strongly and follow it till the end of the day and try holding on to that intention as the day progress.

Prioritize and stay focused

When you involve in multiple activities per day prioritize the tasks based on your need, Stay focused on what’s more important and prioritize it and put aside the rest so that you can do it later. This way you can finish one task at a time. Whatever task you chose to do might be meaningful for you.

Do one thing at a time

As mentioned above doing one thing at a time will help you finish it more efficiently than doing multiple things at the same time. For example, if you are reading a book just focus on reading, if you are writing close the other tabs and only focus on writing this will help you finish the task and doesn’t let you procrastinate.

Pauses between each activity

If you have planned multiple activities to do on a day, and after you have finished the first activity take a small break or a pause so that you will be able to regain your focus to finish the next task. Regaining your thoughts is very important and that will help you to stay focused on more activities in a day.

Reduce the room for Distraction

We cannot stay without checking emails or messages on phone more often these days, so try to avoid those distractions as much as you can. set a time for those activities as well so you can message and mail or send your replies at a certain time probably 2 or 3 times a day. This will greatly help you to reduce your distraction and stay more focused on the most important activities for the day.

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